Vastu Shastra

India has a significant contribution to the field of ecology.  Astrology is a divisive part of astrology, the importance and praise of counting is being accepted in many countries of the world.  The ancient emphasis is on the unique contribution of academics to scholars such as Bhrigu, Vasistha, the world.  , * In the Vastu Shikshak, the place of worship, temple, palace, Ashshashala, fort, arsenal, town etc. are shown in the direction of how to do it in any direction.  Vastu Kshetra is mentioned in Brahtha Vita.  One Rana Kumbha revived the reality.  Vishwakarma is considered to be the first architect of the gods who divided Vastu Shastra into eight parts.  Vastu Ksheta selection of space, various shapes, formation, tuberculosis, arrangement of things, Devandir, Brahmasthan, Bhoakaksha, Bedrooms etc.
Have been given.  The point of view of reality has now changed.  While it is now being accepted overseas as well.  |  The knowledge of the science of ancient India has become accepted in the world.  The culture of our India is vast and diverse.  It has a great blend of religion and science, traditional ideals, practical knowledge and understanding, which is very few countries in the world.  Tolerance and equality are found in our culture.  Here, despite the diversity of religions, practices and values ​​of every person, there is a vision of unity in our country.  One should not forget that unity in diversity is a fundamental feature of Indian culture.
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