Tourism industry and our heritage

Tourism Industry and Our Heritage UNESCO has included many of India's natural and cultural heritage sites in the list of global heritage.  Tourists from around the country come to visit, learn and explore our cultural and natural heritage sites, so the tourism industry of the country is flourishing.  The transportation industry also benefits.  Tourism Industry.  It gives economic benefits to the state and provides an opportunity for the public to publish the cultural arts, traditions of the world.  Apart from this, local people get jobs and revenues get extinct.  As the tourism sector courses are developed in the e-educational field, the tourism guide of the tourism guide has flourished.  India receives foreign exchange through the arrival of foreign tourists and reveals the country's unique talent by recognizing the culture of Indian culture on the face of the world.  Roads, water, communication, etc. are developed around the cultural heritage sites.  Due to the tourism industry, photography, horseback riding, boating activities, and activities of the hawks are available.  Indigenous culture, local craftsmanship and that specialty are getting a forum
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