The truth about the sweetness of Dandi pucha travel dandiya

As part of the prosecution movement, Gandhiji decided to go to the banks of Dandi village and break the law of salt.On the evening of March 11, Gandhiji gave a message of Satyagraha to thousands of people in Sabarmati Harijan Yashabha's ashram in Ahmedabad, even if he was arrested under the resolution of the resolution, he strongly advocated the non-violent struggle against the British for the government to go ahead and fight for the government, he said, on March 12 from Sabarmati Harijan Ashram of Ahmedabad.  On Independence 1930, with 78 Satyagrahis, Amlma lives in Navsari district  The 370-kilometer stretch of the Dandi harbor took place.  His historical pilgrimage is known as 'Dandikchh' on the day of Laxmi, on March 29, 1930, Gandhiji did not return to the Ashram till the law of Gandhiji vowed that, 'I will die on the dogs, but there is no Swaraj') in Dandi.  'Nine now it is ten in the way to Satyagrahis' grand welcome in the village along the route of Dandi.  Not commissions - In every village Gandhiji organized a meeting to explain the wrong law of salt, law and order and satyagraha to make people aware.  Seven in Shan - Gandhiji and his colleagues after 24 days of pilgrimage - on December 5, 1930, the Dandi arrived in the commission.  On April 6, 1930, at the sunrise, Gandhiji took the salt from the ocean on the banks of the stem, violated the law of salt and got arrested.  - Gandhiji said in a loud voice: "Maine nanak ki Kanoon tad eina porta dia!  ".  No Back)> He addressed the people present there saying, 'I am spoiling the foundation of the British Empire (from this event).  "Nanded" Dandeke did wonderful work of awakening awareness, immense faith, consciousness and unity among the people of India.  Satyagraha has been violated in the salt of the country throughout the country.  Tiergås - - Mr. Mahadevbhai Desai compares Dandikchach to Gautam Buddha's 'Maha Bhainin Shrishnan', 'Ling Punant'.  Vi, E Bhairu Nandvallab Question 3 Answer the following questions in brief: [2 marks per each] (1) e.  Q.  Why did the Simon Commission be formed in 1927?
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