Jumma Kasmir connection in Indiap

Maharaja Harishinh Dogra of Kashmir did not sign the Connection with India.  In the meantime, Pakistan invaded Kashmir for its association with India.  After the invasion, atrocities, robbery, Rajya Harishinh asked for partial military help but did not sign the congress.  So, signing this signatory to the signing of the agreement signed by India to sign it.  The Indian army immediately came to Kashmir and protected it but at that time Pakistan occupied Pakistan on a third part of Kashmir.  India fits into Pakistan's United Nations Security Council.  The Security Committee asked for a ceasefire.  Even today, Pakistan has control over a third of Jammu and Kashmir (Kashmir) state;  But the fact that Kashmir is legally part of India is indisputable and there is still a burning question in Kashmir between India and Pakistan.  Thus, before the end of 1948, political unity in India became a historic non-violent revolution.

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