Information about Narmada Basin1

1...Narmada river originates from Amarkantak, in the Madhya region, Males, a ArabianLong live the sea water in its wide mouth Sea, about 1312 km from Udgam.Long live the sea water in its wide mouth

2...Narmada basin is limited to Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat

3...Narmada river flows from the rocky exterior of the collectibles of Jodhpur near Jabalpur in Madhya PradeshSince Narmada's slopes are very intense, the waterfall named Dhanvadar has been formed

4...Narmada has many branches and rivers, which are not more than 200 km long, most of the rivers are rectified narmada

5...Narmada and its teacher - The importer makes a water conservatory system in Madhya Pradesh
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