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Our country is about two-two, the period is called 'season'.  - Years as puri and autumn, these seasons also fall short near.  I do not get it, so two - two dew - (3) rainy season.  The seasons are clearly altered in India. The weather remains almost the same in the last two to two months.  These two - two months are the keys.  Traditionally six seasons are considered in India: if two major seasons are approaching near the two seasons near Hemant, Shishir, Spring, Graeme, then counting two seasons together, the main three seasons of the year are counted as: (1) Cold  (2) The seasons in India are clearly changing in seasons.  Winter starts in the cold.  Growth in honor increases gradually in the summer.  Under the monsoon, moisture starts growing in the air and the rain is coming.  The India Meteorological Department located at Delhi, India, has divided the entire year in the context of the climate of India: (i) Winter - December to February (2) Summer - Summer - March to May (3) Monsoon - Monsoon - June to September (4) Retirement  Season - Seasonal Windy Season Returning - October to November
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