Boycott and indigenous movement

Boycott and Indigenous Movement This was an important event in India's 2 National Movements, along with the Bangabang movement (1905) as well as the Bike and Indigenous Movement.  Due to the policy of 'divide and rule' as a consequence of British compatibility.  The boycott and the Swadha movement got accelerated.  .  Bengal was the largest province at the time of British rule.  Which included today's Bengal, Bihar and Odisha.  Bengal was the centerpiece of national consciousness than other regions of India.  The momentum of the national movement and thinks from Bengal.  In the 1857 war, Hindus and Muslims fought together against the British.  So divisions were made to encourage communism through the compromise of 'partition and rule'.  Viceroye Curzon (1899 - 1905) excavated East Bengal and West Bengal, with the excuse to bring the administrative efficiency of the vast Bengal province.  The strong opposition of the partition of Bengal started.  On October 16, 1905, the partition of Bengal was implemented, the day was celebrated as 'National Shock Day' in entire Bengal Province.  On that day, the announcement to promote the exclusion of all foreign goods and the use of indigenous goods was also announced.  Not only the Bengali people;  But other people of India also believe that this is divided into prevention of nationalism in India which has started vigorously.  On that day in whole of Bengal, Hindus - Muslims made a gem in the hands of each other, and showed the power of the organization.  Three important features of this movement include (1) indigenous adoption (2) exclusion of foreign goods (3) Adopting national education.  Indigenous movement benefited India, while the exodus of foreign goods resulted in a major blow to England's trade.  The cloth that came from Manchester closed.  The imports of sugar, shoes, cigarettes, tobacco etc., also imported from England, declined and sales of textiles made in India increased.  Indigenous manufacturing factories started.  Apart from Bengal, 23 other Indian national movements of Hindus
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